Escobar's Inception at Sea Do's and Don'ts

We caught up with Escobar to talk about Inception at Sea, which sets sail from Miami on Monday, March 13th for the Bahamas for 4 days full of music, parties and madness! Check out Escobar's Inception at Sea Do's & Don'ts to help make your floating Spring Break experience one for the record books!


"Since this will be my 2nd round aboard the Inception at Sea cruise, I thought I'd put together a little Do's and Don'ts List of things I learned from the 2016 cruise.  Hope this benefits those of you that will be new to this year's trip and help some of you from last year's voyage!"


1. Normal survival skills
     a. Drink a lot of water.  You should do this everyday but most importantly on an adventure at sea such as this.
     b. Sleep.  Not too much, but just enough.
     c. Eat food. Completes the trifecta of basic survival knowledge. 

2. Pack plenty of sun tan lotion...and use it.  Overlooked, but shouldn't be. Muy importante! 

3. Practice your best dance moves and endurance prior to the cruise.  There's a "NO Standing, ONLY Dancing" policy aboard this vessel, and the music is non-stop!


1. Forget your costumes for the theme parties.  The more people that are in costume, the better the events.

2. Be on your phone the entire cruise.  Take some photos as memories of course, but enjoy the people, places, music and experience.  Log out for a couple of days.

3. Just hang with the people you know.  Step outside your comfort zone and say hello to someone knew, grab a random person a beverage or invite them to hang with your friends.  The journey is not just about the destination, it's about the memories along the way!

Inception at Sea is really an incredible experience in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. I can't wait to see so many friends and familiar faces from last year.  I look forward to finishing the cruise with a few thousand more!  

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