SH8K is a Los Angeles born Dj/Producer and one of the best remixers in his field. His remixes have been played internationally on radio, in nightclubs, and at festivals. Though based in San Diego, SH8K has been making a name for himself nationally, playing clubs in Chicago, Dallas, Austin, and San Francisco, where he has DJed with some of the biggest names in the industry like YG, 2Chains, Migos.

Having been recently signed to DjCity, the leading DJ record pool in the market, the horizon is only getting bigger for SH8K.

SH8K’s passion for open-format djing with a specialty in all electronic genres, has not stopped him from pursuing other avenues of exposing music to the world. The DJ/Producer can now add another title to his resume: radio host. TheFlip is a collaboration with friend and fellow DJ, Shadowman. The pair set out to start their own show with a clear mission in mind, to bring new talent to the spotlight and give support to their community. You can catch TheFlip on Pitbull’s Globalization Station on SiriusXM, every Saturday.

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