J Medina

DJ, producer and music enthusiast.

In a short time, Jonathan Medina, best known as J. Medina, has become one the top DJ’s not only in America but around the world. From 2016 to 2018, J. Medina competed against elite talent in the RedBull Music 3 Style DJ competition as a national finalist. Medina has really begun to establish himself as a worldwide brand by DJ’ing abroad in Chile, Mexico, Poland and Italy.

With more than 10 years of professional DJ experience and a knack for creativity, J. Medina knows exactly how to captivate a crowd and rock a party. His sets have made people within the industry take notice, and now have him on everyone’s radar.

Most recently J. Medina has taken the role of producer and music editor for DJCity, the worldwide leader and music supplier for professional DJs. His remixes and edits have reached thousands of DJ’s around the world and have been played everywhere from the SiriusXM airwaves to the biggest nightclubs worldwide.

For J. Medina the sky is the limit. His work ethic and talent have him ready to take on the world.