You won’t meet another DJ with more natural energy and enthusiasm for the music and performance he puts on than you’ll find with DECON. His unique ability to create unforgettable experiences for crowds lucky enough to share a night with him led DECON to become one of Southern California most sought after DJs. The unique style DECON developed through his extensive background in live music, and playing over 200 shows annually for the last 7 years, helped propel him into the national and international spotlight. His skills on the turntables have taken him to perform at nightlife hotspots in Las Vegas, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and Amsterdam.

DECON’s diverse knowledge of music has allowed him to share the stage with everyone from 50 Cent and Drake to Fedde Le Grand and Carnage: the diversity of his knowledge of music allows for him to be an asset on any concert bill. DECON’s diverse knowledge of music and its role in creating an unforgettable event for patrons results in his exceptional ability to make every crowd move.

DECON will continue to positively influence people through music and performance. With aims to spread awareness of the real DJ culture, he focuses on delivering thought provoking performances opposed to simply pressing play which has unfortunately become the norm in the modern-day DJ performance. His dedication to using the turntables as an instrument instead of simply a play button is just one of the ways DECON stands out at every event he plays.